James Pargeter – Driver Profile

Name: James Pargeter
Age: 35
Home: Milton Keynes

Favourite C100 Circuit: Llandow
Least favourite C100 Circuit: Rye House

C100 Highlight: Taking pole in Rookie class for “The Skid Marks” at Buckmore, and going on to lead the overall race by lap 19. The team comfortably won the class.
C100 Lowlights: Crashing in the pit lane in Llandow, driving over a fuel cap in a pit stop, getting a dose of 2-stroke fuel on the groin (ouch!).

Favourite F1 Driver: Michael Schumacher. Hoping 2012 is the year he finally wins a race!

Hobbies other than karting: Running, Gym, Shooting, Guitar

Don’t mention: Ballast. James caused his previous team to be disqualified by being 50 grams underweight in Rye last year. That’s the equivalent of 3 tablespoons of sugar!!

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