GoPro Motorsports HD Hero2 – Finally Ordered!

Matt Beswick February 21, 2012 0

— Review to follow soon —

As most people who know me are fully aware, I’m a bit of a gadget geek. This purchase has been on the cards for a while but since Kart365 launched it’s become not only a ‘want’ but also a necessity! Over the next year we’ll be recording all of our Club100 races, editing them down, and including some of the more interesting bits in our ‘race roundup’. These will also form part of the track guides and reviews that we’re soon going to be launching.

In the meantime, if anyone has videos or clips of them racing at any track in the UK please feel free to get in touch – we’d love to feature you on the site!

Find out more about the HD Hero2 on on Amazon.

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